Signing Off

To all of my loyal readers...

After careful consideration, I have decided that this would be my last post on Urbancurlz. After today, the site will be deleted. I have taken on a new journey in life and that is homeschooling my little ones. That will require my undivided attention.

Thanks to all of you for coming back day after day to read and inspire! But don't fret, there are so many other fly blogs out there.

Moptop Maven
Spiced Honey
Curly Nikki and the list goes on. Take care of you!

Signing off...
UC AKA India
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Blonde Ambition | Erykah

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Blonde Ambition | Maya

Maya recently unveiled her new blonde tresses. What do you think? Do we love this look?
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Sorori-Tees, the new collection of shirts by Goddess Zuri, are made especially for natural Greek Goddesses because they simultaneously celebrate natural beauty and sisterhood. The tees feature popular sororities and natural hairstyles. There is also a tee for non-greek natural bellas called Me Phi Free (which is a play on Me Phi Me). The shirts range in size from S to 2XL and retail for $18.

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The Denman: Modified

Last week, I did a post about my experience with the Denman brush. I purchased it for my daughter's hair but tested it out on my own and loved the results of my curls. However, like many of you know that if not properly used, it can rip your hair right out of your head.

Well one of our readers, Tia suggested modifying the brush to allow the bristles to work through more easily. It tried this over the weekend and all I can say is Thank you, Tia for the suggestion because it worked perfected on my daughter's hair.

Here's how to modify your Denman:

-Separate the bristles from the base of the brush by gently sliding the bristle casing upwards
-Remove every other row of bristles
-Close the bristle casing and slide back into the brush
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Got Brooklyn Kinks?

Loved this shirt. Yep, I'm a Atlanta girl, but I'm Brooklyn bred. $15
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