The Best Darn Blowout

Source: Washington Post
No matter how many $200 blow dryers you buy or $20 anti-frizz serums-They do it better and cheaper. I am talking about Dominican Salons. I've read the reviews. I have friends who swear by them. So what exactly is the hype? The best blowout in town for a fraction of the price you will pay at any swanky Buckhead salon. And that's not the best part-Dominican salons are emerging in the African American community because they are known for growing and maintaining healthy hair.
Here's the skinny:

The cost can range anywhere from $20-$45 depending on length, texture, and location. Blowouts last for a week to three weeks, but the more you do it, he longer it lasts. The secret to growth is to avoid other heating products in between your blowouts and avoid grease and oils that can clog your pores and hair shaft. Best of all, you're in and out usually in 2 hours. But before you book your appointment, here is some lingo that may help your visit go a little smoother.
blow-out - "lavado y peinado con blower"
The blow out technique involves setting wet hair on rollers where the size of rollers depends on the length of the hair or how curly or straight you desire. From there, the clients sit under the dryer for up to an hour or until the hair is completely dry. With a round brush, the hair is blown out from the root with a hand dryer. A nozzle is attached to the dryer and used to direct heat.

doobie-after the hair is straightened, it is wrapped and secured with hair pins. This keeps the hair straight.

el rolos-hair is set on rollers and then dried under a hooded drier usually 45 minutes to one hour. After that hair is blown straight. This method is less damaging for hair.

hair dryer-blower
hair dryer (with hood) - secador
curly (hair) - rizoso, rizado
haircut - corte
to brush-cepillar

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