If only I had a dollar...

For each time my hair was commented on-whether good, bad, or indifferent-I would be worth 7 million 962 thousand dollars. Well maybe that's a stretch, but you get my point. If only I could charge a dollar for each, "I like your hair" or a half-dollar for each glare. And maybe $100 dollars for each criticism. You know, the "Girl, only you can pull that off" or "What are you doing to your hair". Batch, just what are you trying to say? I would own every Christian Louboutin's known to man.

If only, I could charge $10,000 for each time I went to a salon, which "specialized" in natural hair and they mucked my ish up. Man, I would travel the world. If only...
If only, I could charge $100 Thousand, nah a cool $100 Million for that dayumn time I went to one salon (I won't mention the name) where that $%$ broke not one-but two combs in my hair. I thought I was playing a part in the Color Purple-I would build my own legacy academy for young girls...and my mission: To educate each and every young lady how to embrace their natural texture.
My richness is within as I continue counting my dollars...
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as women of color we have been brain washed into thinking our natural hair is completly unmanagable and nappy...and that is a shame that even people in our same ethnicity look down upon us for being natural, well they can all gotohellandkissmyassontheway!
i love this site! keep doin what you do!

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