Best Darn Blowout Part 2

Today, I decided to visit a Dominican Salon to see first hand the method behind the madness. My daughter has been driving me crazy about straightening her hair, so I broke down. And plus I was a little curious. Surprisingly it was a good experience. And ladies, believe the hype because her hair is very straight, shiny and bouncy. It looks like she has a relaxer.

My daughter has naturally thick hair, so after washing her hair, they just gave her a blowout. Honestly, her hair was so straight after the blowout, it really made no sense to flat iron it. So next time she goes, I won't let them flat iron it.

The one complaint my daughter had was the heat. She said the blow dryer made her feel as if her brains were being fried. Other than that, she loves her hair. One thing that I noticed that many of the stylist does not speak English, so get out your Spanish cheat sheet from Part I.

Oh, I also learned how to do a doobie wrap. Check out the YouTube video for instructions.
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Can you recommend some dominican salons in the Atlanta area?

I went to a Dominican Salon on Jackson Street in downtown Lawrenceville. I apologize but I don't remember the name. However, they are pretty good.

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