Creating the perfect braidout!

Tools: detangling brush, rat-tail comb to part, water spray bottle, dryer(optional)

1) Wash and Condition as normal
2) While hair is soaking wet, gently make 1" part from the front to the back of your head. Use a pin or comb to separate your hair.
3) Gently detangle hair to prepare for braid
4) Apply pomade, I use Miss Jessies Buttercreme and Lekair Gel
5) Gently run fingers through to create curl pattern
6) Gently create flat braid going from front of hair to nape of neck
7) Continue this process until you have completed entire head, usually 9 braids
8) Allow hair to air dry over night or sit under dryer until completely dry
9) The key is to get hair completely dry to prevent frizz
10) Unravel and finger style using a little shine serum or buttercreme on your fingertips

Tip: Hide the parts in the front of head by dabbing a bit of gel and smoothing your edges. My secret weapon for this area is a toothbrush that I use especially for my hair.
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