I Love Ponytails!

I ran across this picture of Miss Jackson and now I want a ponytail. I have to admit the first thing that came to mind was "Gel and Weave". LOL 'member that song? Anyway, I love it and for the sake of looking this fabulous while wearing my favorite style-the ponytail-I will rock the weave piece.

How to accomplish this look?

1. Wash & condition as usual

2. While hair is wet apply setting-whatever your preference. I used my ole' reliable Lekair Pink Gel.

3. Gently manipulate hair in ponytail-do not pull to tightly. A soft bristle brush should do the trick. The objective is to allow your texture to show.

4. Spray with oil sheen.

5. Allow hair to dry under hooded dryer or air dry.

6. Attach curly ponytail. Special note: Matching hair to your natural hair texture can be a little tricky. So here are some tips to remember. It is best to do steps 1-5 then go out to purchase your ponytail. This will give you true representation of what to expect when your hair is dry. We would not want a Beyonce experience (later post).

7. Don't forget the baby hair-LOL!
Okay, I have complete steps 1-5, so I am off tomorrow to purchase my pony. Wish me luck!

Hear Janet's latest single, Feedback. Click here. It's not for me, but still love my Janet.

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