Joan Clayton, Anyone?

I've really been feeling Tracee's hair on this season's Girlfriends. And I was feeling a little ambitious, so I decided to experiment. Results: I LOVE IT!

What I did:

1. Wash and conditioned hair

2. Sectioned hair and blow dried with nozzle hand dryer

3. Flat ironed 1" sections of hair but not bone straight. One swoop is good enough!

4. Apply a non-frizz balm (I used Smooth 'n Shine Straight Out)

5. Using flexible curling rods, I rolled sections of my hair-I used 10-12 rollers

6. Wrapped my hair in a scarf and went to bed.

7. Next day, unravelled rollers.

8. Lightly finger styled hair.

9. Applied balm to smooth edges & flyways.

10. Applied light holding spray (I used Mizani Humidity Resistant Spray)

Wolla! Joan Clayton Curls

Update: periodically throughout the day, I had to re-apply the smoothing balm, but it lasted a full eight hours. I am going to rock this style for a while!
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