Shake N GO

Shake-N-Go is a style that is achieved by applying product to dripping wet hair and shaking the hair vigorously to loosen and separate curls. This is a carefree style that is simple to achieve and creates lots of volume to your curls.

Step 1: Shampoo and Condition hair or Co-wash
Step 2: Lay towel on shoulders to catch water; however, do not towel dry hair
Step 3: Generously apply product to 1" sections of hair, product will absorb water
Step 4: Hold tips of towel to protect your face and shake your hair side to side in a "NO" motion. This separates the curls. The keys is to not touch curls as they dry. Continue to shake hair periodically as hair is drying.

Note: While this style can be achieved with all hair textures and lengths-this style works best when hair does not have a lot of shrinkage. Happy Shake n Go!
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