Aveda: Hype or Realness?

So last night I had a lengthy discussion with one of my stylist girlfriends and she recommended the Aveda Brilliant line for textured hair. I have to admit, I am a little skeptical because when I think about high texture, Aveda products are not the first products to pop into my head. However, my girl is very educated about Aveda products having instructed at the Aveda Institute in Florida.

This product is a rich pomade designed to enhance curl. According to Aveda.com, it is especially effective in dry climates, it activates and maintains wave in textured or treated hair.
Apply it to wet or dry hair before braiding to define curl and add shine.

The cost $18 for 2.6 oz jar. A little pricey, but since it comes highly recommended from my stylist friend, Mya-I am gonna try it. I will let you know if it stands up to the hype. For more info on Aveda products, click here.
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