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Kudos to Essence magazine for starting an online hair gallery. It is so hard finding creative styles for natural hair-so needless to say, I was surprised to see this gallery had a variety of fresh styles-the only downfall is that the descriptions are not detailed. Here's a preview:

Photos Courtesy of Buckingham

This is my dream hair-big, sexy, and eye catching! Loves it! I am a step closer to achieving the color-just got to practice achieving this look. I may be able to create this with a dry braid out. Hmmm.

Photo Courtesy of Burrowes

This is my favorite. I ran this style in the ground when I was growing my hair out. This can be created with a rod set or flexirods. Loosely pin hair into Mohawk. Accessories with big earrings-Hotness!

View more hairstyles here!

1 Responses:

I do agree, that is some dream hair. Last time I dyed my hair something close to it, however, it caused havoc with my texture. Now I'm just playing with it black, and I'm still nowhere close to that volume!

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