Get this look: Flowing Curls

Anti-frizz Serum
Hand-held Blow Dryer

1. Wash and condition as usual

2. Section hair into four braids
3. Allow to air dry or sit under dryer until dry
4. Section hair and blow out with blow dryer. Tip: Hair does not have to be bone straight
5. Take 1" sections of hair and apply anti-frizz serum from root to end
6. Roll each section with flexi-rod. Tip: use end paper for best results
7. I allow my hair to set overnight so I usually put a bonnet on or loosely tie a scarf. Tip: If you sleep in the rollers, roll hair loosely in order to avoid discomfort. Otherwise you can sit under dryer for 30 mins or allow to air set 4-6 hours
8. Finger style hair, carefully separating each curl

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I love your blog. It's been a great help to me since I decided to go natural.

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