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Lightening your eyebrows can work wonders for women of color. The warm shades of chestnut adds a much needed contrast to our skin. I first discovered this beauty secret a few years while reading Sam Fine "Fine Beauty". Too afraid to experiment at home, I ran out to have my my brows colored professionally. But over time I grew weary of the time and dollars spent at salons.
To my surprise, I ran across Sam Fine's beauty blog a few months ago where he recommended Sally Hansen's and Jolen brands to use at home. So I ran out and purchased my brow bleach and my brows are poppin again. Yippee!
The process is very easy, fast, and inexpensive. The whole process take less than 5 minutes to complete and the best part is that you can get multiple uses from the bleach for around $5.99. Love it!

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ooh, i'm so excited to do this. i've been thinking about doing it for a while and will be going later this you said i think a slightly lighter shade will be flattering.

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