Source: Toshi Tasaki for
Achieve this look by braiding dry hair into 5-6 big braids then
unraveling hair. Finger style. Cute club look.

Source: Toshi Tasaki for

This is a beautiful regal look. This style can be played up
with a beautiful evening gown or dressed down paired
with jeans and boots. I must admit, this style
may take a little practice and a lot of hair pins. But is a
guraranteed show stopper. Start this
style with dry unraveled two-strand twist to produce a
textured look. Create a swoop bang and secure it
with a booby pin behind the hair. It is not necessary to part
hair with comb, you can just simple section hair.
Separate the back of hair into two section then loosely
create a bun as if making two large flat twists. As you work your
way around secure with a hair pin. The back of your hair should
look like a circle bun. You may want to tease hair to
create a fuller bun. This is a great style for 3 day old twists.
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