Your Hair Has A Memory Card

Well not literally, but you get my point. If not allow me break it down-the more you style your hair a certain way, the more your hair will conform to that style. Ever see someone who has natural hair but it looks like a relaxer. Or see that naturally curly girl who swears she just wash and go. And you're thinking to yourself, "How in the heck does her hair do that?" Well , one reason can be attributed to coaxing the hair. Coaxing is the art of moving or adjusting toward a desired end. Simply put, training the hair. So, the more you coax your hair-the better it conforms. Everyone is not born with beautiful hair, but with a little patience it can happen over time.

So keep in mind that if your goal is to obtain curly hair, you may want to refrain from straightening hair too often. This can destroy the curl pattern. Instead, go for styles that help define your curls like coils or twists.
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You know something, I was just thinking about this. I have 4b hair, but I have almost no tangles and some parts of my hair do clump together and form "curls." I have a kakkaki Komb brush which I believe is responsible for my more responsive hair.

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