10 Way to Instantly Boost Your Look

So Spring is in the air, well...not exactly but it's right around the corner and around this time we start to get the itch for change. The great news is that modifying your look be achieved without taking drastic measures. Add these simple changes to our beauty regimen and you will witness an instant makeover:

10. Play up your look with faux lashes
9. Change your hair color
8. Lighten your brows
7. Add different colors to your wardrobe
6. Change your lip color
5. Add bold accessories
4. Cut your hair into a bob
3. Pin your hair up in an updo
2. Buy a fab pair of sunglasses
1. Invest in nice scarf
1 Responses:

Fab suggestions. I've done #4 and have been planning on doing #5, #7, #8 and #10 (courtesy of falsies) once the nice weather hits.

Great minds think alike!

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