Are You Bikini Ready?

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Join me in the 50 Million Lb Challenge! After careful consideration I decided to join this challenge because I need a little more motivation to get fit. Starting in March, I am committing to loose at least 8 lbs per month through exercise and healthy eating. My ultimate goal is to loose 40lbs this year so that I can get back into my designer Jeans before they go out of style. LOL! But more than that, I truly believe real beauty starts within, so that means being healthy. So join my group and let's get it poppin...
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Yes, I want to take part of the team to healthier living and eating habits. I am 22 with high cholesterol and I would not mind losing 8lbs and keeping myself fit and healthy at the same time. I am excited and let me kno what I need to do to get on the A team urbancurlz :D

Yeah!!! I am so excited that we are signing up-I am so ready for this challenge. Of course weight loss is probably the ultimate goal for many of us, but being healthy is the most important-at any weight. You can register by following this link:

8lbs a month! Wow! That's ambitious. How is it going? I usually train for the Peachtree, but won't be making it down from NY this summer, though last week I did start my running routine...feels good to be back in gear.

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