Are You Getting Yours....

Water that is! Lately, I've been skimping on getting my eight to ten glasses per day and it is obvious-my hair has fuzz balls and I am constantly tired. Did you know that your body will tell you when you're not getting enough nutrients, especially water? Here are 10 signs that your body is dehydrated:

1. Dry hair (i.e frizz balls at the end of your tips)
2. Excessive shedding
3. Brittleness

4. Dry Patches especially on face
5. Flaking skin especially around the nose, eyebrows, and forehead
6. Rough or dry heels
7. Dry eyes
8. Dry mouth

9. Constant Fatigue
10. Lack of energy

If you're experiencing any of these symptons, try increasing your intake of water and you should see a difference within a few days.
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