The Baggy Process: Ultimate Moisture

What is the Baggy Method?
Baggy Method is the process of sealing your hair or tips of hair to provide ultimate moisture and prevent breakage.

Who benefits from the baggy method?
Anyone who wants to prevent dryness, add moisture to hair, and maximize growth.

Do you have to use a special brand/product(s)?
No, the only thing you need is a plastic cap or saran wrap, your favorite moisturizer and an oil to seal in the moisture, such as coconut. Sealing is a very important step because it helps the moisture stay in place.

The Process:
Separate hair into small sections
Apply the moisturizer from root to ends paying special attention to ends
Seal with oil (coconut, almond, olive, shea butter)
Loosely twist hair and secure in a plastic bag...leave on overnight or few hours if you can't stand sleeping in plastic. I do not recommend leaving on longer than overnight. However, you can baggy as often you like.
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