Bronzing Not Just For Light Skin

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Lighter-skinned women wear bronzers to create a sun-kissed look. However, many dark-skinned women shy away from using bronzer because they assume it is not for their tone. Contrary, bronzer can add definition and highlight facial features on darker skin, particularly cheekbones.

How to Choose the Right Bronzer

Powder-based bronzer is best for oily or normal skin while cream or gel based are better for dry skin. Although bronzer can be worn alone, it is best combined with a cream blush to create a dewy look. Apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. According to makeup artist Bobbi Brown, bronzer looks best on days you don't wear a lot of foundation. I found this cool how to video on how to apply bronzer. Good luck Urbanistas...bronze away~

How To Use Highlighter & Bronzer
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