Hot Trend: Eyelash Extensions

Want fabulous, long, natural looking eyelashes that lasts longer than mascara AND looks better than false eyelashes? Try eyelash extensions - the hottest new trend to hit the beauty industry in years! Individual lashes are applied on a lash by lash basis to your natural lashes with a special bonding agent. The lashes can last up two months. Depending on the desired look, the process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two 1/2 hours. The best part is that these lashes look so natural that you can wear them with mascara, but if your choose to wear mascara, try water-soluble mascara because waterproof mascara will dissolve the bond with the lashes. The cost can range $100-$180 for full set and $55 and up for touch-ups. Ensure that the procedure is performed by a trained, certified professional.
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