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LA based photgrapher Nnenna is a force to be reckoned with-young, refreshingly orignal with an eye that captures the essence of Urban beauty. Her work embodies confidence, exhibits and represents an aura that is remeniscent of a curly girl that rocks.

UC: I noticed many of your photos encompasses urban lifestyle, natural hair and fashion? What inspires your photos?
Nenna: I think my photos are inspired by several different things. Much of my work is either spontaneous, born out of boredom, or improvised using what I have available at the time. It's usually never planned. When I plan things anxiety and stress interfere with my creativity. That's something I'm working on as an artist. A lot of my work blossoms while I'm right in the middle of the actual shoot. I'll get random ideas that add to the session. I can often see the progression of the shoot when I look over the photos afterwards. My photography is also my therapy. I also love capturing the essence of different people. I'm inspired by those who are unique and eclectic. When I see strangers, I often wonder about their lives. I want people to think that when they see the subjects of my photos.

UC: Your hair is simply fabulous. What's your hair regimen?
I guess my hair is a lot like my work. It's spontaneous, born our of boredom, or completely improvised. I shampoo as often as needed and always condition when I shampoo. I choose from three different shampoos, always using two, depending on what I need for that week. I use Dr. Miracle's shampoo, always a Castile soap, and Brilliant Shampoo from Aveda. I always use a Castile soap because it's gentle, detangles, and sets the hair up for conditioning. Dr, Miracle is great for cleansing the scalp and oxygenating the follicles. Aveda's Brilliant line is great for natural hair. When I shampoo I brush my scalp to make sure there's no build-up. I use a deep conditioner that I leave in my hair for ten minutes. After I rinse out the conditioner I leave my hair wrapped in a towel for at least 15 minutes. I'm not sure why this helps, but my hair is much easier to comb through afterwards. I make my own hair butter. I use shea butter as a base and then I add an oil like lavender or sweet almond oil for fragrance. As my hair gets closer to the next shampoo it has the tendency to get really dry. When this happens I shower without a covering for my hair. I let my hair soak up a little steam for moisture and then I add the shea butter immediately after the shower. I style my hair based upon my mood or what I need to do for that week. I also braid my own hair so that allows me to be as creative as I like. My advice is to try new products and techniques until you find out what works best for your hair. It's also fun trying new things and making your own concoctions. For shine and fragrance I use Carol's Daughter Honey Hair Mimosa or Aveda's Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss. These smell fabulous and add gloss to the hair. On days that i need more moisture, I just mix one of these with my shea butter and it makes a great moisturizer.

UC: You have a great sense of fashion. What is your number one fashion secret? (it probably won't be a secret after this interview)
Nnenna: I guess my fashion secret is being open. I'll shop anywhere. I love love thrift stores & boutiques. I add these special pieces with basics from other stores. I guess I'm a builder. I used one article as the focus and add to it. I absolutely love color and texture. I think they help your mood and make you feel confident. Living in Los Angeles has allowed me to dress the way I want without caring what other people think. Not conforming or caring is liberating. My advice in regards to fashion is to do what pleases you and makes you feel confident. Not feeling confident in a gorgeous outfit is unattractive and quite noticeable. But you can rock an eclectic outfit with confidence and be admired simply because of your attitude.

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Yay, another curly photographer! :) I can dig it!!

fantastic hair indeed!


Hot hair!!!

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