Oh No They Didn't Edition

Us Weekly magazine arrived at my home today! Let my add, I don't know why because I've never read it before. But, as I turned the pages the first thing I noticed was the lack of representation in the magazine. I can forgive them for that, but towards the end they had this picture of Erykah Badu under the Fashion Police section. With quotes like, "What your hair looks like after its been in a turban for a decade" or "Erykah, bad do!” Now I am not the most sensitive person but it is shhh like this that makes me mad.

Yeah, Erykah's hair is a little extra, but if your hair is not fried, died and slicked to the side-then it is not right. Why does our society continue to tell us that our texture is wrong? Well, I say to hell with Us Weekly and the horse they rode on because I personally think Erykah looks fab with her super fro. Eryka, work that thing out!
2 Responses:

I hope you sent a letter to Us Weekly. Our country was founded on ignorance and so many of our sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and so forth and so on (as my mother would say), have been brainwashed to straighten out those beautiful kinks and curls to fit an impossible standard of beauty. While we have the E. Badu's and the Jill Scotts representing our true beauty, we need more outspoken "sistas", like yourself, and also myself, to express this information to the masses, and let Hollywood and non Kinky-curlies know that there are more and better standards of beauty other than corn silk colored, long hair and blue eyes.

I agree with you, this stuff makes me mad too! I love Erykah's hair like that. It's just cause we're the only people with this hair type and most other people have seen us straighten it for so long that they assume we just should. We have to rock it cause no one else can!

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