Product Review: Aveda Done Made Me Mad!

Ok...I am going to stop with the Ebonics. But I had to emphasize how displeased I am with a certain product I just wasted $18 on.

Well a couple of weeks ago, I did a post on the Aveda Brilliant Humectant. Because it came highly recommended from my stylist friend, I went out to buy it. First, let me back up and emphasize, I am not a product junky. So I will only try a product if it is recommended or free because I don't believe in wasting my money or yours.

So in a nutshell, this product is overpriced Jam (in smaller container). If you ever used Jam you'll know that it lay your edges and fly aways down for a split second. It is heavy, greasy, and runs. I put a dab along my edges because I am wearing an updo. It has been only 3 hours and now my forehead, ears and neck is greasy. NEVER AGAIN!

2 Responses:

funny you say that about the aveda brilliant humectant pomade because i feel exactly the opposite and am writing about some aveda product trials on my blog.

i've used jam, but it was like 15 yrs ago. that was my pre-nappy era and i remember it pulling out my hair as i would would work it in for an up-do.

i don't think the pomade is greasy at all...and no, i don't work for aveda.

Oh I have that stuff too! It's horrible. Does nothing to "Define my curls" and I have to use so much to get any shine at all. DONT BUY IT! Way over priced

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