The Skinny on Mixed Chicks

At first thought, the name Mixed Chick might leave you thinking that this product is only for bi-racial textured hair. Don't let the name fool you, Mixed Chicks is for anyone with unmanageable curlz. I personally tried this product on three different textures and I got consistent results-moisture, shine, and suppleness.

The reasonably priced system consists of shampoo, deep conditioner, and a leave-in. I have to admit, I am especially partial to the leave-in conditioner because it left my hair soft, manageable, and light. When used on dry hair, it instantly rejuvenated my curls and tamed my frizz allowing me to wear my hair down a few extra days. I also liked the shampoo and deep conditioner. The only downside to the shampoo is that it made my hair feel like it was stripping all of the oil out of it. But once I put the deep conditioner in, it softened beautifully. My curls loved it.

I give it 4 out 5 stars. Buy Mixed Chicks here.

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