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The first time I visited this online boutique, my first thoughts were literally "Ooh!" The founder Brenda, has brilliantly created an online paradise, Out of Hand Boutique which carries unique and fabulous pieces to compliment the lush and eclectic style of any Urbanista.

UC: What's the story behind Ooh Boutique?
Ooh: I started the company after searching, and not finding, the kind of unique and affordable accessories that I was looking for. I started designing jewelry because I would find myself modifying some of the pieces I bought to better fit my style.

UC: What are some of your favorite designs/brands?
Ooh: Jewelry designs by Kenneth Jay Lane, Lorraine West, Alexis Bittar to name a few. The theme that runs throughout all the designs I admire are colorful, ethnically-influenced, nature-themed and/or organic shapes.

UC: What are your best sellers?
Ooh: Our Fulani earrings, which are handmade in Africa.

UC: One thing people may not know is that you also have natural hair- do you select items pieces that compliment natural hair?
Ooh: I consider all my customers, but I do admit that I have an affinity for bolder pieces that can stand up to a fro!

UC: How would you describe your personal style? How do you tie your natural hair into it?
Ooh: My personal style is definitely "eclectic". I love clothing with clean lines and unique details but accessories are always the star of the show for me, they allow me to play with different looks.

UC: How long have you been growing your hair naturally? What is your regimen?
Ooh: Over 5 years. I've learned that when I manipulate it as little as possible, it looks its best. I condition daily and wash weekly, but I try many different brands of leave-in and deep conditioners and oils as styling products (product junkie). I usually wear a twist out or a wash-and-go.

UC: If you could give advice to women on how to match accessories that compliment their personal style, what would you advise?
Ooh: Wear what you love! That initial first reaction before your brain has a chance to take over and rationalize things is your instinct...follow it! For me, if I love something, my first reaction is always "ooh!".

UC: What's new at Ooh?
Ooh: My favorites right now are the Maasai beaded bracelets, enamel jewelry and a fabulous over-sized snakeskin clutch available in red or yellow.

Thank you Brenda-Your pieces are beautiful and very well selected. Visit Ooh, here!
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