UrbanCurlz Words of Wisdom: Patience

Photo Sabina Karlsson
I am not some deep philosopher, but as I was thinking about my goals tonight the phrase "Everything Comes in Time" popped into my head. I've been natural (this time around) 3 years and with each day I love my hair more and more. I have also realized that in order to get my hair where I want it, I must be committed to taking care of it by eating healthy, protecting it and having patience. Unfortunately, we live in an instant society so we have grown accustomed to wanting everything immediately-beautiful long hair, flat stomachs, perky asses and flawless skin. The problem is that we usually fall short of reaching those goals because lack of patience. Not only lack of patience but also commitment and diligence. So as I reflected on my goals, I realized that each day I am coming closer to achieving them. And if remained committed, I will achieve-whether it is the long hair, flat stomach or taking UrbanCurlz to the next level-It will all come in time. ~UrbanCurlz
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yeah I here you on that. My final curly goal is brastrap curls unstretched, I wouldn't mind midback. I'm just focusing on health, and I believe that the healthier my hair gets then the growing is going to slowly start to hey lol. good luck to both of us. I love your blog btw! oh and do you know what color the sabrina model has in her hair?

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