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I'm sort of embarrassed, but I have to give props to Crisco for shiny, perfectly moisturized hair these past few days. I ran across a profile of young lady, who had long beautiful natural hair, (Arm Pit Length). One of her secret tips-Crisco. Yes, I said it, CRISCO. LOL! At first, I laughed too. Then I thought about a recommendation given to me by my Allergist to use Crisco on my son's skin. It's all natural and it is great for the skin so why not the hair? So after doing my weekly co-wash, I decided to set my hair with Crisco to test the results. So far, I am loving it. My hair is moisturized, shiny, non-greasy, and no flaking. The best part, under $2.00. I highly recommend it.
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I might try this this weekend. Did you have any issues washing out the Crisco? How much Crisco did you use? Did you apply it to the ends of the hair and the scalp? Did you put a plastic conditioning cap on & sit under a dryer? If so, for how long did you sit under the dryer?

Thanks a bunch :)

- D.

How exactly do you use it? I know you said "set" it...but what do you do?

I used a generous amount of the Crisco while styling my hair. I rarely ever sit under the dryer so I let my hair air dry. For each twist, I applied a finger tip sized dollop. I haven't washed it out yet so I can't tell you how easy it will rinse out. I will do so this weekend and let you know how it turns out. I think this is day 4 and so far still love it.

-First, I co-washed my hair
-Then I sectioned my hair into 1-2 inch sections
-I applied leave-in conditioner to each section
-Next, I applied the Crisco to each section, smoothing from root end
-I don't comb my hair, I just detangle each section with my fingers
-Then I twist set my hair, but you should be able to style as usual. The Crisco works just like any other moisturizer.

Ok. Thanks. I thought you used the Crisco as a conditioner, but I now understand that you used it to define your curls the same way you would use curly pudding.


- D.

I going to have to try this!!!! I've been looking for something to keep the moisture in my hair. I'll let you know how the results turn out....

Coconut oil works well too, I love the Parachute brand of coconut oil, I've been using it since my transition. Crisco is next on my list of experiments, thanks for the heads up.

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