My Crisco Experiment Update

Okay, this is my second week trying Crisco on my hair. And I am still happy with the results. I have replaced my Lekair Gel for my edges. I have tucked away the Miss Jessie's Buttercreme for moisture. Isn't that crazy...a $2 can of Crisco can have me in Curly hair bliss? Well, I am! I have been searching high and low for a negative...and after digging deeply, I've found scalp appears to itch more than normal. However, I can 't pinpoint it to the Crisco. So as it is, I have added Crisco to my daily regimen.
Here is a breakdown of the many ways I use Crisco:
-To smooth my edges-I dab a little leave in conditioner on the edges then follow up with a dab of Crisco
-Moisturizer-rub a little on my hair daily for added moisture
-Curl Definition-after conditioning my hair I use Crisco on my twist set
-Smooth Fly-aways or frizzes
One thing I forgot to mention-I have also seen a reduction in dry and frizzy ends.
2 Responses:

I've been using Crisco for 4 years on my skin. My dermatologist recommended it for my eczema and it works wonders. I never thought about trying it on my hair, until now. How much do you use?

Oh, I have eczema too. When it flares up, it's bad. I read somewhere recently online that one of the posters was advised by her son's doctor that eczema is related to the O blood type. Interesting. Do you mainly use the Crisco on your skin at night? I bought some to try the hair experiment, but if it works I will gladly use it on my skin. It beats a $100 tube of Elidel (which works great by the way, but is way too expensive even with most insurances).

- D.

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