Porchla Coleman on Yoga, Russell, and Kimora

“I don’t have much interaction with Kimora, but the times that I have been around her, she’s very cordial. I spend a lot of time with their girls, and they’re a beautiful reflection of her. I hear rumors that people say about her, but she’s been nothing but a doll to me.”

‘I made a connection with Russell that people will never understand. No one is gonna get in the way of how I feel about him. People are gonna say what they wanna say, and I can’t control that, but I know where my heart is.’

‘Well, bottom line, I’m an adult. It’s my decision in what I choose to do. Growing up, I was always the more mature one; I’ve had this older mentality. I’ve always played ‘Mama’ in every situation, so it was only natural that I ended up with an older guy.’

Set the record straight, Porchla...LOL!
3 Responses:

haha...I don't like Kimora anyway!

what magazine is this in? Sorry, but i still cringe for the old man, young girl relationship.

This is King Magazine's article. I believe it is the May issue.

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