Product Review: Aveda Be Curly Line

I don't know if you read my Aveda Brilliant review, but it was received with mixed scrutiny by my readers and it also caught the eye of Metro Salon Studio in Atlanta-An Aveda Concept Salon. The owner quickly responded to my review with assurance in the Aveda product line and offered to replace the Brilliant product that I previously purchased. I have to admit I was impressed by her quick response but also uncertain because I did not think the Aveda line would work on my hair type (4A/4B). I had lost faith after using the Brilliant! However, as promised, I received the Be Curly Curl Control and Enhancer on Friday. I immediately rushed home to wash my hair, bypassing the Burt's Bees Pre-poo that I have been dying to use. After washing and conditioning my hair, I applied the Curl Enhancer to wet hair and did a twist set. I allowed my hair to dry overnight. The results...defined curls, no flakes, no oily hair-just right. I used the Curl Control on my edges along with a dab of Crisco and my edges are smooth and slick.

My rating for Be Curly Curl Enhancer and Curl Control Curl
Definition 5
Control 4
Frizz Control 4
Smell 2
Price 3

I would definitely purchase the Be Curly line from Aveda. Moreover, I am definitely going to pay a visit to Metro Salon Studio in Atlanta. The professionalism, expertise, and confidence the owner exerted proved to me that this is someone who knows natural hair and has confidence in her products/services. Additionally, I regained my fondness of in the Aveda line.

Contact Metro Salon Studio.
5 Responses:

The B Curly line is a must have, I just found out that an Aveda Concept Salon opened up around the corner from my mom and I am super siked.

The B curly line is tops on my list.

I have been an Aveda fan for about 16 years now and have used BeCurly ever since it came out. Even when I had a relaxer, Aveda products were the only ones that left my hair feeling silky and light without any greasy residues, and I love the fact that Aveda is eco-friendly.

Now that I am transitioning, I use Miss Jessie's or C.D.'s Healthy Hair Butter. I apply a bit of BeCurly to the still relaxed ends to blend the textures. It works wonders.

I also admire the fact that the Aveda products are eco-friendly and mostly plant derived. The hair color is 97% natural.

this is good to know! there is an Aveda store around the corner from my job - perhaps I'll pop in and hope they carry this line (sometimes in Canada we don't get the same lines thats carried in the US - sucks!..still waiting for CoverGirl Queen collection...don't get me started with that!!!!)

ok well this is a little late, but i go to an aveda institute and i stand behind most of their products, im not thrilled at all with the brilliant line, and for me the b curly has dried my hair , maybe its my hair and how it has to get used to new products, but i noticed you said you went straight home and got results i havnt, i even did half of my hair in a braid over night ( i had that idea just to see how different it would work) my hair in the braids had the same texture as if i took them out of corn rolls ,just a light wave, and the rest of my hair was poofy and unatractive to my eyes. i prefer fhe blended beauty line, they have everything frim hot oil to a refreshing spirts spray that will refresh your curls if the get limp or if you sleep in them and squish them. their line has products that are designed for your curl type , from wavy to kinky afro, even for relaxed hair and curly children hair. maybe if i try a twist set my curl will come out the same with be curly..
just my little info.
sorry if im not spell checked or punctuated, im on my phone

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