Real Women, Real Curlz: Chrismar's Coils

I ran across Chrismar's hair journal and instantly fell in love with her coils. Aren't they fab? So I contacted Chrismar who graciously agreed to share with us fellow Urbanista's her secret to these uber fabulous coils.

Conditioner/Shampoo/Deep Condition
It's best to condition or wash your hair before you do any sort of protective style, because a fresh scalp and hair helps promote hair growth just make sure to add any of your essentials to your scalp, and always deep condition after you wash.

Wide tooth comb
This is for detangling purposes. A wide tooth comb is awesome because it helps define your curls, therefore it doesn't loose your curly texture. Having some what of a texture for a coil set is wonderful, because it makes it easier for your hair to get into a coil, and you will have to use less product.

Rat tooth comb(or any small comb)
This is for separation purposes. You can do any size coil you want, small like extensions or medium size. Whatever suits you. Also a comb with small teeth is good to use when doing coils because you can simply stick your hair between the comb and twirl away and you will have a coil. It's basically the same as doing it with your finger, but some people don't like to get product on their hands so that's a great alternative.

For the best results always do coil outs on damp hair. Your hair will obviously get dry throughout the 2-4hours so simply keep a jar of water with you and wet your fingers and apply to your hair when needed.

So my first coil set I tried regular gel, but I found it too crunchy. Even the alcohol free gel left my hair crunchy. So if you're going to use gel when you're doing coils try a natural one like the b5 gel from Aubrey's Organics.An alternative is Coconut oil, it's great for coils, it adds shine, and it's wet therefore it helps the hair stay a bit damp. I used this on my second coil out. My hair looked good but I didn't really like the smell, and I hate oils. The thing I like the most for coils and my hair in general is unrefined shea butter. It helps define my curls and coils when applied on either wet or dry hair. Shea butter works the best when applied on wet hair.Jump in the shower wet your hair, then apply the shea butter, and brush it through while you're bathing. An as for the coils use it on damp hair take half a dime piece and work it through the hair you have sectioned out to coil. Apply it when needed. Great thing about shea butter is that you can use it all over your body and it reduces scars in a week or less. My grandmother is living proof lol.

Time Span
Depending on how long your hair is, and how small or big you separated doing coils can take any where from 2-6 hours or even more. It usually takes me about two hours and a half.

Styles While in Coils
You can do side swept bangs, cornrows, a Mohawk, use headbands, flowers, bows, anything you like actually. Use your creativity!

Preserving Coils
Sleep with a silk head scarf, hair bonnet, or a cut off panty hose (cheap and affective) if you want to keep your coils from frizzing up.

Coil Out
The more you separate a coil the bigger it gets. A coil out usually lasts about three days.

Thanks Chrismar! ~UrbanCurlz
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