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I have a question. I just began using the Miss Jessie's products. I am liking the result, but I am experiencing some flaking of the product. Am I using too much product?"

It can be a combination of using too much product and not having enough water (both internally and externally). I had the same problem when I first used Miss Jessie's product and could not determine why it kept flaking (even when I properly saturated my hair with water). So I asked my stylist, who advised that my problem could be a result of not drinking enough water. I thought she was crazy, "What did drinking water have to do with product flaking in my hair?" She explained that hair needs moisture from the inside out. If your hair roots are deficient in adequate water levels your hair will become dry and brittle. So once I increased my water intake to 8-10 glasses, made sure my hair was well saturated, let up on the product, I never had that experience again. Good Luck!

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I love Buttercreme. You maybe using a little to much, I experienced the flakes at first but I figured out the right amount to use.

Try using it on soaking wet, clean hair for a really slamming puff. (Is slamming still a cool word?)

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question :)
I drink a lot of water, but I may need to make sure that I keep my hair saturated more as I am using the product. I have been using the unscented curly pudding, and I will try using less of the product when I redo my hair this weekend. The only other issue I have been having is when I do the coil-out, my hair starts uncoiling at the roots. I have tried placing plastic duckbill clamps on my hair to prevent uncoiling. This helped a little, but I still have about 1 & 1/2" of roots that are uncoiled, while the ends of my hair are springy and coiled.

Thanks again

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