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Ever searched for the perfect t-shirt to declare your natural beauty? Or that perfect pair of earrings to accentuate your flare. Well look no further, Goddess Zuri has designed a line of T's and accessories that embraces our natural beauty. I had the pleasure to interview creator of Goddess Zuri, Candace-a young entrepreneur that is devoted to creating unique and trendy pieces that help women declare their natural beauty.

What's the story behind Goddess Zuri?
It took me two years to go natural because I bought into the socially constructed ideals of beauty that were reinforced by those closest to me. When I finally made the decision to do it, though, I wanted help in letting folks know I was ok with my natural self. So, I often turned to the Internet in search of t-shirts and other items that spoke to my natural beauty and personal style, but I was left disappointed and frustrated each time. Somewhere in that frustration, the idea of Goddess Zuri surfaced. I thought that there must be other young, natural bellas out there also in search of apparel and accessories that expressed their authenticity. So, I decided to design some.

What inspires your designs?
Simply put, I think natural hair is sexy. So, Goddess Zuri aims to glorifies natural beauty in a unique, sexy, confident and edgy way. We have a category of tees called Naugh-Tees, which are pretty bold. An example of one is our Big tee. The front says, I like mine big. (People's minds start going in all kinds of directions when they read this). But on the back, there is an image of Goddess Zuri sporting a big afro. The "mine" always refers to hair.

What are your best sellers?
Our best sellers are, as you might have guessed, the Naugh-Tees. Women can declare their natural beauty with all Goddess Zuri products, but these tees especially make women feel good and confident about the natural beauty they possess.
My hair regiment is pretty simple. I wash it once a week using Cantu shampoo and conditioner,and I moisturize every day. I have loose natural hair, so I typically wear it in double-strand twist out. Or, I braid it up at night and take it down in the morning so it'll be crinklely. I trim it myself about once every eight weeks. But the most important thing that I've learned about natural hair since I've had it acutally has nothing to do about hair. It has to do with attitude.
So tell me about your hair regime.

The attitude must match the hair. Regardless of whether you rock ashort afro, medium length double-strand twist or long locs, naturalhair commands a supreme sense of confidence from its possessor. We allknow that natural hair is not as socially accepted as processed hair,so we have to let people that we're dealing with in all aspects of ourlife know that we love our hair. And they'll grow to love/accept it too.

I really admire that you are so young and enterprising. What advice would you give to other young women about making their dreams happen?
My journey with Goddess Zuri has been crazy! But I appreciate it. I appreciate the lessons I've learned from my mistakes and the curveballs I've been thrown. I think the company will do well. But more important that its success is the strength of character I've gained from this process. Below are the most important learnings I've gained from my venture that will, hopefully, help other young womenlooking to step out on their own.

1. Don't talk to people about your dreams until you've talked to God. You'll be less likely to become discouraged when they don't take to your idea.

2. Believe in you. Supreme belief in self is a key ingredient to achievement.

3. Every now and then, bite off more than you can chew. You'll findout that what you thought was a limitation really isn't.

4. Have plenty of ideas, only a few will stick. The more ideas youhave, the better your chances of coming up with one that is abreakthrough.

5. Go wherever God leads you. Only God can see the pot of gold overthe rainbow, so follow Him and He'll lead you to it.

6. Be passionate about what you're dedicating your time to. Otherwise,it's time lost.

7. Find one trusted friend to tell your dreams to. You need this person to bounce ideas off of.

8. Be creative. You will discover many ways to fund your dream if youthink outside the box.

9. There's no success without risk. And there's no gain without sacrifice.

10. Everything to make your dreams come true lives inside you. God has equipped you will all the necessary tools to live your dream, but it's up to you to find them.

11. Never, ever, ever give up. Success often hides behind temporary defeat.

12. Teach someone else what you learn. What good are the lessons if you keep them to yourself?

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