Vacation Survival 101: Braid Free

Originally posted 3/26/08

Yes Urbanistas, the time has come again when we are booking our vacations, toning up and stressing about what to do with our hair. "What is it going to be this year- micro braids, twists, or cornrows? But definitely not that natural hair".

Recently, one of my closest friends who was on her way on a two week vacation called me to ask for ideas for her hair. She professed how tired she was of looking back at years of vacation pictures with her hair in braids, but she did not want the hassle of dealing with her natural hair. I gave suggestions and as much as I tried to convince her that she can go braid free (on even a two week vacation)- she was not convinced. Thus, she braided AGAIN!

Unlike my close friend, (let's hope she doesn't read this) we can survive without hiding our naturally curly tresses in predicable, signature vacation micros. It takes a little preparation and patience. Here's 5 ways how to:

5. Set your hair before you travel. So if your style is a twist-out, travel in your twists. I usually travel in cornrows, so once I settle in I unravel and go.

4. Pack plenty of going out scarves. These are instant hair dos! Go for bold prints, long scarfs, or head wraps.

3. Learn how to do a mean updo. A great option to wear into water especially if you want to avoid the shrinkage look after your hair is dipped in water. This can also be a post-pool hair do to don to dinner while still looking put together.

2. Pack accessories galore. If you can't get your hair to work right, fake it! Dress it up with bold earrings, flowers, or necklaces. No one will ever know you're having a bad hair day.

1. Embrace the beauty of your hair. What makes naturally curly hair special is that it is so unpredictable. So be prepared to roll with the flow. You may be thinking about wearing your hair down, but your hair my be thinking otherwise. So when the humidity hits it and it won't lay right, be prepared to whip it in a scarf or updo and keep it moving. So ditch those predictable braids!
6 Responses:

hahaha! you couldn't have posted this at a better time since i JUST booked my vacation yesterday and one of my first thoughts was - 'what should i do with my hair!'

I'm going to Vegas for the first time this year and your suggestions could not have come at a better time.....

Thank you soooo much for this post! I started toying with the idea of braids this week... Perfect timing UC!

When I was reading the first part, the entire time I was thinking that she needed to do a twist out lol! She could also do an afro puff...those are too cute..the BIGGER the better....and let's not forget CURLFORMERS! Ooh...and flat twists in the front and twists in the back! Great post!

WOWOWO. Y am I leaving ona cruise TODAY! Yesterday I stressed for a couple hours because I was going to throw some quick cornrows in my hair so cliche!) And at the last minute I was like " You kow what, I CAN DO THIS!" Plus I was missing my fro from protective styling M-F. So I am still worried about what to wear to dinner after I get it wet but I am not going to worry.. puff it up and go!

I love the advise you gave... I am planning to go away in Dec. Jan or next year and I am already thinking what length will I have and what hairstyles can I rock... I love the scarf concept.

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