5 Easy Steps for Nurturing Naturally Curly Hair


1. Don't be afraid to ask your friends or a stranger who hair you admire for salon recommendations or product and/or styling tips. These can be your best resources.

2. Know that your hair needs moisture just like a flower needs water. That is moisture from within (drinking water) and from the products applied to the hair. It is worth investing in a great cream-based moisturizer like Miss Jessie's Buttercreme $58. If you just can't fathom spending that amount, Crisco is a less expensive alternative.

3. Skip the weekly shampoo. Shampoo tends to strip hair of its natural moisture, hence creating frizz and dryness. A no-no if you want great curls. Try co-washing instead. This is the process of washing hair with conditioner only. Yes, it will leave your hair feeling clean and refreshed. BUT, if you have to shampoo-use a moisturizing shampoo and only shampoo the scalp.

4. Invest in a good cut! This is an essential step, that I am ashamed to admit that I am lacking. But I am trying to GROW my hair so I am avoiding scissors at all cost. However, if you desire a great style, find a stylist that can cut naturally curly hair. Please do not just drop in at any salon and ask for a cut. DISASTROUS! Do a little research, ask for before and after photos of the stylist's work. And when in doubt, go a little subtle. Ask for a trim to test the stylist skills. Don't be ashamed to ask to look in the mirror while they are cutting!

5. Air, Air, Air! This is your best option for drying your hair. Blow drying can strip your hair of needed moisture and can cause your hair to frizz. I can't stress this enough-Allow hair to completely dry before styling. If the hair is remotely damp, it can kill the style. Trust me-I did it today. I looked like I had a red Brillo pad on my head. LOL.

Happy Curlz!
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