Beyonce Curly Lacefront, Do You Like It?


I love this look...dang can't wait until my hair is this length.
7 Responses:

thats no lacefront its weave u can see where her real hair stops it was styled that way but her natural hair is there but styled curly

Honestly, I can't tell if it is a lacefront or weave. There is a section at the top of her head that interrupts the part, so that is why I thought it may be a lacefront. However, the point I was trying to make it that I like it...whether it's weave, lacefront, natural-it's hot.

It looks hot, I really like it. I find curly hair looks really nice on her good to see a change from straight hair.

I love it on B regardless if it's lacefront or a weave. and I cant wait until my hair gets this big also Urban curlz!

She looks happy and refreshed. Congrats on the wedding!

Urbancurlz: I'm w/ you too!! That's my goal- to get my hair and curls to be that big and long.... seems impossible!!

I love this style. I wish she'd wear it like this more often, curly hair gets no love in the media.

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