Bored With Your Hair?

This week was probably the worst "bad hair week" that I have ever had. I went through the stages of wanting to cut, color, weave, straightening-you name it...I though it! It is amazing that I made it through this week without making any irrational decisions.

Moments like these are inevitable. They are tests of commitment, strength, and diligence. We are all going to experience them at one point or another. The key is how to recover from these moments. Here are a few ideas:

-Keep in mind your ultimate goal -this is what helped me through this week. I kept looking at a picture of my inspiration so that kept me motivated.
-Have a nice wig on stand-by (I need to get one)
-Keep a collection of ponytail holders or accessories. Always carry something in your bag like a nice ponytail holder just in case you need to sweep your hair into an emergency ponytail.
-Start a collection of hats-Hats are great bad hair day disguises. I plan to revamp my collection of hats this summer.
-Always keep in mind that times like these will pass and you will be proud of yourself that you weathered the storm.
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Great post! I go through this stage often as I'm sure many of us do. I actually went through it last week myself :(

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