Hair Style(s) of The Day: Nicole's Updo and Keri's Bob

I ran across this pic of Nicole Scherzinger and Keri Hilson...I don't know how recent it is. But, I had to point of the fabulousness of the hair of both artists. Y'all know I love the updo's and I am dying to get some length to my hair so I can through it up in a messy top ponytail such as Nicole's. While I know, it won't be an exact replica because I rarely straighten my hair, but I know a similar look can be accomplished on curly hair. I sweep my hair into a top ponytail like this when I am home in the evenings, but of course, my bun is still tiny....darn it.

I 've been meaning to discuss Ms. Hilson's bob for a while now. This is the type of style that makes my want to run to the Dominican and press and cut my hair. But I am staying strong-nope not gonna do it. I've even gone as far as cutting a little bang to see how my hair will look in a curly bob (not so good). But isn't this style fabulous?
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