Is This Stuff Worth It?

I ran across this product online tonight. It is a product that Tracee Ellis Ross uses in her regimen. When I saw that it contained Shea Butter (hmmm) I was all for trying it out-that is until I saw that it cost upwards of $50. Yeah, I know my hair is worth it. But I want to know if the product is worth $50 plus dollars for 6.8 oz. Has anyone used it? If so please share your experience. $51

5 Responses:

50 dollars, ummm thats a bit pricey...

For $50, my hair betta look just like Traci Ellis Ross' hair too!

You know what? Sometimes the pricey stuff is worth it tho. I've tried some uber-expensive products and majority of them work. If you've got the money, the buy the product.See if you can get one of the beauty counters to give you a sample. Hey, if I can get the hookup on the product, I'll send it for ya, okay?

Hmmm... I dunno 50 bucks is a little on the pricey side for me too, I would have to do EXTENSIVE research on that one

Leanne, you do make a good point. Because I initially thought Miss Jessie's was expensive, until I found it was worth every cent. Maybe I will try it...I will update you when I do.

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