Question of The Day: What Is Natural?

I comb through many different web sites on a daily basis trying get inspiration for my posts as well as to keep abreast of what's going on in the world. And as I journey through some of these sites, sometimes, I am both overjoyed and overwhelmed by how people define and defend "Natural".

When I decided to go "natural" it was simply out of frustration of fitting into the mode. I wanted big hair and wanted to stand out in the crowd-Walk to my own beat. Being Natural for me simply meant...
Before I continue...I would like to hear some of your responses. What does "Natural" mean to you?
Please share with the UC family!
7 Responses:

To me natural means to embrace, enjoy and enhance my textured hair without the use of chemicals

To me being natural means that my hair is mainly devoid of chemicals. This is making me think about the fact that I need to clip my ends b/c there may be a little bit of relaxed hair there :)

Natural is not only a hairstyle but also a way of life. It is a true representation of accepting who you are and where you came from. It displays the true strength of a woman.

Big, bold and Beautiful.
Natural is exuding confidence and sel belief.

Natural is being in your original state as nature made you, no chemicals etc. The best thing about being natural is that you have versatility with your hair and your able to wear it in any style .

Ooooooh! I love this question. I've been "natural" for three years now and the ME in ME came out with avengence. I felt like I was saying to everyone... this is ME and too bad if you can't hang with it! Whew! It was a load off... I loved it, and I loved that I could wet my hair and WALK OUT MY HOUSE WITHOUT BEING CONCERNED! It was like a take me or leave me thing... and if you decided to leave me - then sad on you!... but I'm movin' forward.

I love this question. I have two little girls - the third one is due this coming thursday - and I feel like I needed to get to this self-awareness especially for them, so they can feel it's OK not to "conform" and not only that, but success can be achieved without having to make "them" feel comfortable or accepting with us. "Mommy is a proud black woman, Mommy is a successful executive in corporate america, Mommy has a husband who loves her and her big curls, and Mommy is happy! That's what I want to be like..." I recognize I am an example for my girls and I feel like conquering this society-driven standard and being OK with me, gives them a good leg to start on!

I wish more of my sisters would stop putting themselves down by saying that they "can't" do the natural thing because their hair is not "good"... Open your eyes my ladies... you are beautiful in every meaning of the word and our beauty comes in many different variations!

So... I said all of that to say...
Being natural for me, not only means being free, but presenting myself as I am, and if questioned, squaring my shoulders, raisin' my hands up and saying "AND WHAT!"

Yeah, I loved this question... Thanks for asking!

I feel being natural is embracing urself as u were made to be. So if u were born with thick kinky-curly hair than u rock it as is. or u are not chemically manipulating ur texture. but it feels good to not look like everyone u see on tv and read about in the magazines, u are simply being you, being free...

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