Question of the Day: Who's Your Celebrity Muse?

Jill Scott-Graceful, Sophisticated
Tracie Mourning-Casual, Carefree
Tracee Ellis Ross-Unconventional, A la Vintage
Bre-Young, hip, Urban
Amel Larrieux-Sultry, Bohemian Chanteuse
Eva Marcell-Bold, Saucy
Erykah Badu-Flower Child, soul sister
Kelis-Rocker, Iconic
Tanika Ray-Eclectic, Red Carpet Meets Red Curls

These are just a few words that I used to describe my favorite celebrity inspirations. If I had to identify with one, my style aligns more with Tracee Ellis Ross. What I love most about her style is that it is hit and miss. LOL! So am I. My closest friend always call me Joan because I am that character on Girlfriends. But most of all, I am in awe of her bouncy roller sets and big hair. My inspirational look...

Who is your celebrity inspiration and why? Please share!
12 Responses:

I love them all, but my inspiration style is similar to Bre's. This is my goal style and length. Right now I would classify myself Tanika Ray because this is my current length and similar style of choice.

I'm feeling Tanika Ray's shaping/size of the hair. I don't have the color in mine, but her hair is probably the closest to mine. The other ladies have gorgeous hair too!

Kelis sans the color because her hair was super funky when it was curly. She was one of the pioneers of the natural trend.

I love them all too, but I would have to relate with Jill, Bre and Amel. I like their styles and of course hair ;D. I hope to get their lengths one day :D

I aspire to be Amel. Currently, I am Bre. Ultimately, Ananda (who I know is not listed, but should have been). LOL

I would have to say kelis's just free and like she doesn't care type curls that just look good on curl girls

Rachel True's hair is great too!

I would have to say a mix of Tracree Ellis Ross and Kelis(before the Big Cut). Kelis is just big and out there, the color, texture, just everything. Tracee Ellis Ross has so many styles and ways of wearing her curls. I love natural hair!!!

Jilly Scott! I love her hair, her voice, and her spirit!

I know this is hella late lol but my inspiration is actually natural sistahs I seee when I am out and about and oh Erykah Badu - even with the afro wigs

Ms. Badu is fresh and cooky just like me. I love her music

Hey, just joined the site. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and I decided to go completely natural Easter 08...I would say that my celebrity hair inspirations would definitely have to be Tracee Elis Ross, I just can't get enough of her, Her style is so much like my own and she has a huge behind just like me!! I'm also in love with Erykah Badu and Jill Scott's hair!!

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