Real Women, Real Curlz: Marianna Ross

Confidence, beauty and all around curly girl extraordinaire, Marianna Ross has all the right ingredients. She is proving that you don't have to be a size two to strut on the catwalk or feel good in your skin. I recently had the opportunity to learn more about Miss Ross.
UC: I was blown aways by your pictures, you are definitely representing fabulously for the curly chics and moreover, the curvy chics. Love it! There are just not enough positive images out there of beautiful curly or curvy women. What inspired you to start modeling?
MR: Well, growing up, my mother never had pictures of herself growing up. Like most folks, I idolize my mother, and to get that glimpse into her life as a reflection of who I am as a woman, was something that I missed. I knew that when I was in my 40's, 50's and 60's, that I'd like to have images to show my children, and their children....just to say "Granny was a Fox, back in the day!" LOL.

UC:Who are some of your inspirations?
MR: Inspirations? I'd say my mother, obviously, who is innovative and fearlessly creative and free....then I'd say Pam Grier, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott...Black women who were fierce, fly and unafraid of their effects on the world.

UC:What type of work do you do?
MR: As far as modeling jobs, I've done mostly runway and print, but I'm open to the creative process so I try not to limit myself.

UC:Your hair is gorgeous. How long have you been natural?
MR: Thank you! I've been for about 6 years straight, now.

UC:What is your hair routine.
MR: My hair routine? I'm blessed, because I don't do much. I wash and condition it about once a week, and try to keep it moisturized with Coconut Oil. I just let it do what it do! LOL I don't do much "styling" except for fluffing it with my hands.

UC: I see that you are also a makeup artist. Can you let us in on some hot makeup trends or tips.
MR: Make-up? The best advice I can offer as a make-up artist is DON'T OVER-DO IT!!! The whole purpose of makeup is to enhance what is already there and to do it in the most natural way possible. I personally like dramatic eyes (liner, smoky shadow) and natural face and lips (pink, shimmery, or nude gloss). It's a cosmetic sure shot.

UC: What's next for you?
MR: Right now, I'm in social work, but as the summer approaches I'm doing a couple different runway shows, promoting around Baltimore City, and continuing to shoot!

UC:What tips or advice do you have for women aspiring to enter the modeling business?
MR: The most useful tip I can offer is NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. Sign up for sites like ModelMayhem, network with designers, models, and photographers on sites like MySpace, and be HUMBLE AND CONFIDENT. If you are, you won't even have to sell yourself to others. They'll seek you!

Thanks Marianna. Visit her @ Myspace.
5 Responses:

Her hair is gorgeous.

Great post! She is great, and I like her name.

Aside from her, hair she's gorgeous.
The hair is just amazing and her curves I can tell are sick.

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