Skinny Jeans Are the Ish


I ABSOLUTELY love mine! I have moved the bootlegs to the left, to the left.
3 Responses:

First, can we talk about how fly Najwa's hair was? I'm def digging that. And that bob was so cute on Toccara. Skinny jeans are really all I wear...and my two pair of wide leg denims :-)

This is so funny! I was thinking the same thing. I'm tired of the bootleg. I love your site by the way.

Tocarra is such a disappointed. Remember when she first came on ANTM she was like I so proud to be a curvy girl and all that ish, as soon as she left the show she went and alost so much wait. She's so skinny.looking like a bobble head. The weight doesn't suite her. It's good that she got all healthy but she could stand to gain 20 pounds.

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