Steaming 101

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Today one of my co-workers asked about the steaming process. This is something that I had read about and considered, but never actually tried it. So I decided to do a little research...

What is steaming? Steaming is a way of adding moisture into the hair using a hair steamer.
How do you steam the hair? Shampoo the hair as usual. Apply deep conditioner and place a plastic cap on head. Sit under the steamer for 20-30 minutes or more depending on how dry your hair is.

Benefits of steaming? Steaming softens the hair, adds moisture and stops breakage. It is especially great for very dry hair.

What hair types can benefit from steaming? The steaming technique can be used on any hair type that requires added moisture. It is a great option for hair that is breaking due to chemicals, dryness, or brittleness.

Are there any alternatives to buying a steamer? If you do not have access to a hair steamer, you can apply your hair conditioner as usual, then wrap your hair in plastic wrap, then apply hot towels around your head. Another option is to expose your head to steam rising from a pot of boiled water, but don't get too close.

I am going to try it this weekend. Do you steam? Please share your experience.
"Thanks Prudence for the great question."
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I just started pre-pooing, so I must take it one step at a time :) Where do I find a steamer? What are the best two brands of steamers? If they are affordable (under $150), I will work at getting one.

I'm hoping that you blog about the results. I hear that steaming will help your hair to be more manageable and for some straighter, if that is desirable. Let me know how it turns out...better yet, I'll walk over and ask you ;)

Unfortunately, I can't recommend any good brands because I haven't purchased a steamer yet. However, from the info I've read they run around the $130-150 range for a decent one. To be honest, at that price, I am going to try holding my head over some steam before I invest that type of money. Call me cheap... ;)

Pru, don't hold me to trying the steam this weekend as I have just reapplied my lashes. The steam may make them fall off. LOL! But I keep you posted.

OK... I got to this blog through my friend Prudi's blog.... but I am a habitual steamer.

So August will be three years since being natural AND steaming. I love it and won't turn back. Steaming has allowed me to keep my funky color and it not look dry, brittle, or brassy. I would invest the money in a steamer, but that's just me... I've seen the results and what it does for the condition of my hair. Go Steaming!!!

Thanks Landi,

I am gonna try steaming in a few days...after the glue settles on my lashes

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