Survive The Rain Season

The rain season is here! The time of year when rain will drop without any advance warning. How many times has this happened just when you're walking across the parking lot and your car seems like it is a mile away. We go dashing for cover, covering our heads with anything in hand-purse, books, coat. While we know the rain is something we can't control-it can be a natural girl's curse.

As much as I love the curls in my hair and have learned to endure the frizz that accompany, it becomes trying during the rainy seasons. I've tried everything from gels to sprays, I have even gone as far a staying indoors to avoid to rain. But over the years, I have learned how to embrace the rain and protect my hair during seasons like this. Here are a few of my tips:

Two Strand Twists-great options because they can tolerate the water and still look fabulous.

Wigs/Weave-another alternative if your don't want to deal with your hair at all. While a weave may not be the most inexpensive option, it will protect your style from the negative effects of moisture and can last a few months.

Updos-never fail. This is my choice of style to fight the rain blues. Even when drenched in rain, the updo still looks chic and put together.

Accessories-when all else fails, make sure you carry a few signature accessories in your bag so that you can whip your hair into a chic ponytail, wrap it a scarf, or don a hat.

2 Responses:

even though i've only been natural for 9 months, i've learned to embrace my frizzies. i always keep a spare headband in my purse just for those moments though

Great tips, my hairs been natural for 10 years and I've learned a lot of tricks to avoid getting it wet or messy, these are great

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