To Brush or NOT To Brush

I've read many articles and tips about brushing. Some people recommend brushing, some people don't. I've found that when I don't brush, my curls are more defined, but I end up with more tangles. And when I do brush, I end up with more frizz, less tangles and unfortunately less hair...LOL (due to manipulation and breakage). So I've decided to go on a "no brush spree" starting today. I have thrown away my brush (so that I won't get tempted) and I have brought out the large tooth comb (my new best friend). I am going on this spree for the month of May to see if it makes a difference in breakage. How many of you brush? No brush? Please share.
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normally when you brush your hair in the shower with conditioner and don't touch it when you get out of the wash you have frizz free and defined curls.

I agree w/ Bellecheveux, I only brush my hair in the shower (using a denman brush) while it is soaked w/ conditioner.

I never use a brush...I suppose I will once I have enough hair to put in a pony puff, but as the alternative I use a wide tooth to untangle. I used to comb through everyday in the shower with conditioner in my hair but I thought I'd try untangling once a week when I do my deep condition and so forth and I haven't turned back since. I have noticed a huge difference in breakage. I also have more defined curls since I don't comb through them everyday. I would highly recommend detangling only once a week. Its worth a try....

I only brush when I am detangling here and there, I usually use my fingers or a wide tooth comb

Hmmm... I'll have to try brushing in the shower with conditioner. I've been on the wash, gel, Jam, and go routine, and my ends are starting to lock together. So, I have to return to detangling regularly.

Meanwhile, this is a cool site.

I was a BRUSHER-specifically ye olde Denman Brush. And while it felt good on the scalp, it was hell on my hair. I ended up losing the Denman and unless I am pulling my hair into a bun, which is not often, I don't brush. Even with the bun, I am VERY GENTLE when I smooth my stands down. The wide tooth comb and my hands are my friend. I have curly twists, that I re-twist every night. I section my hair with pony tail holders (seperating w/fingers) and I apply shea butter/olive oil to each section. After I do that I gently twist about four twist per section. I wake up in the morning/untwist and I am DONE.... I only comb once a week after I conditioner wash. Sorry for all the info, but the motto to this story is NO BRUSH!

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