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Q. After reading your post about eyelash extensions, I called a local salon in my city for pricing. At $200, it is way too expensive for my budget. Did you try the less expensive versions such as those that can be found in drugs stores before going to a professional? Did they work? If so, could you recommend a brand? Thanks, Tasha

A. Tasha, I got this same response from many friends, co-workers, and family members when I reluctantly told them how much I spent on my lash extensions. Honestly, I did not try the less expensive versions prior to going to a professional. I just assumed they would not last and I wanted something that would last and look undetectable. But as a few of my "luxurious" lashes fell off, I decided to put my professional lashes to the test and try the Ardell individual lashes to fill in the gaps. As I started the application process, I went through a number of stages of excitement. First, I was excited to see how easy the application process was. Then I was overwhelmed when I glanced in the mirror and saw how well they blended with my "luxurious" lashes. Finally, I was in bliss when I thought about the fact the price was less that $20 for everything listed above. I was sold.

I have to give credit to the lashes I had professionally applied because they are less detectable because they are individually applied and the Ardell lashes are individual clusters. Ardell has a line of individual lashes, that I plan to try also. However, with the clusters, no one would be able to tell the difference unless you show them. As far as longevity, the Ardell clusters lasts up to four weeks. I have lost some of them, but I just stick them back on-but hey for a couple of dollars who cares. I definitely recommend them! Happy Lashes Ladies...

Oh, here's a great instructional video.

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Good stuff! I been trying to get the nerves to do this for a while now. I am going to try it. Wish me luck!

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