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Pictured Above: 1. Purple Reign The Large 'Peace'. 2. Signature Necklace 3. Maasi Mix & Match Earrings 4. Green w/o Envy Bracelet in 'Pretty Envious' 5. Statement Necklace in 'Pretty Envious' 6. Grey Matter Ring Cluster 7. Sankofa Hoops (Small, Med, Lg) 8. Sankofa Hoops Tube & Feather Add-ons 9. Earth Earrings

K~Fleye (pronounced K~FLY) is a peerless collection of art infused jewelry, accessories and clothing by Chicago-based artist and designer, Kelley Mosely. I was immediately in awe of K~Fleye's designs because the pieces signify individuality, boldness, and creativity. I recently had the opportunity to interview Kelley to learn more about the K~Fleye Movement.

Who is K~Fleye?
K~Fleye is a movement. A movement of fashion, art, music & dance as well as a collection of innovative quality jewelry and accessories dedicated to individuals with an uncompromising classic style. K~Fleye sets the standard by also creating edgy limited edition non-mass produced works of wearable art.

Adorned with fresh lines and classic twists each item compliments a unique method of wire wrapped jewelry, beading, metal smiting & design. Artist & designer Kelley Moseley hand creates one of a kind functional art for individuals that are interested in complimenting a new look, enhancing an existing one while making a statement. Each creation provides an authentic look that screams endless style.

The collection includes geometric cuffs, the K~Fleye signature shoulder duster & statement earrings, leather, denim, loc & hair ornaments, avant-garde necklaces, delicate charms, multipurpose chains, pendants, conversational 'peaces', cocktail rings, belts, cufflinks, sterling silver, copper, brass , mixed media and the unexpected. The collection has been featured at MACY’S north as well as various galleries and boutiques.

What is the inspiration behind the K~Fleye movement?
The inspiration for K~Fleye is LIFE & encouraging others to be and individual & live their purpose. There is a quote a K~Fleye that we love: "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." We promote individuality. It is okay to be proud of who you are and what you are. It is okay to be fabulous because you are fabulous!

Where can we find your designs? K~Fleye is becoming worldwide. K~Fleye is available online at http://www.kfleye.etsy.com/. We are adding new items daily. Please be sure to visit us at http://www.kfleye.com/ for more updates. K~Fleye is also available at local galleries and boutiques. If you are a boutique or gallery interested in carrying our collection or hosting a K~Fleye trunk show at your store please e-mail us at sales@kfleye.com.

What are your favorite picks?
Awe! This is so difficult. It took me a while to introduce certain items out of the collection. I was being so selfish because I wanted to keep them for myself.[LOL] I then realize that was not being helpful and when I saw the joy that it brought to my clients face then I knew it was time for me to let go. K~Fleye has items that fit almost every life style, hair cut & budget. Accessories can make or break an outfit. The below are tips that have been extremely helpful for most of our clients.

K~Fleye's Style Tips:
(Ladies) Start with earrings. Your face is your first introduction so add some elements.

K~Fleye offers our 'Signature Shoulder Duster' & Sankofa Hoops' earrings. These earrings are available in various sizes from petite to dramatic. These earrings may also be worn with or without add-ons. Our earring add-ons give plain earrings an unexpected pop. These earring move from day to evening with ease.

(Ladies & Gents) Add BOLDness & COLOUR! Going bold & adding colour doesn't mean you must be dramatic. Add a colorful cluster ring by K~Fleye or a chunky bracelet. Also a long layered necklace makes a plain blouse or a ten-dollar ribbed tee look amazing. Try it!

(Gents) Add color to your wardrobe. If you like accessories try a K~Fleye belt or leather cuff.
We also create hair & loc ornaments. You can update your image without spending a fortune.

What's new at K~Fleye?
At K~Fleye we stay busy! Please visit http://www.kfleye.com/ for updated shows in your area.
K~Fleye trunk Show at MACY'S(111 N. State Street) in downtown Chicago on May 2 & 3

K~Fleye loves to collaborate and support other artists. We have an artist showcase at SoulFly shop-n-lounge in Chicago on May 10, 2008. K~Fleye has teamed up with LLAE-F (LAY-F) lead by Junius Paul. This will also be historic for K~Fleye because they are letting me sing a song or two. I love to sing and I am great at it. However, it has been a long time since I've sang and the singing in the car & shower don't count. I want to encourage others to step out, live & be happy.

New Collections include 'Green Without Envy"
Green without Envy
Emotional ~ Multi ~Purpose

The only time you’d wish for envy. This collection makes the observer wish they had a ‘peace of envy.’ The collection uses the power of colour (yellow + blue= green) in various shades to entice & over expose human insecurities of jealousy and envy. Statements range from bold to hardly there. All items are original and handmade. This collection is all about ‘EVE’.

For more info on K~Fleye, visit K~Fleye. Thanks Kelley.

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