Video of The Day: Curlformer Tutorial

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Nice! I've seen these rollers in the beauty store, but I was very skeptical. However, I am sold after watching this video. I am mad at her for pinning her hair up. This is gonna be my weekend experiment. I will keep you posted. Learn more about Curlformers here.
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Looks way too complicated. There has to be a better way. But please let us know if you end up using them.

I like the results. I've been on a search to get this type of curl on my 4b hair. So I am glad to see that is possible. Does anyone know who long this style last?

I've peeped these in Sally's every time I go to buy beauty supplies, but I haven't gotten them yet b/c of the price. My hair is super thick & I have to always use five or six packs of rollers to do my hair. Hopefully Sally's will have a sale on them.....I'll check their site now to see if they are on sale........ *fingers crossed*

I agree. I liked the style better fluffed out. By the way, what search string do you use at You Tube to find such a great variety of styling videos?

Yeah, they are kind of pricey at $60 a pack but- you do get 40 in a pack. So that should be a sufficient amount to cover an entire head. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sale also LOL.

As for Youtube, I can't begin to tell you how I come across these videos. I start off by doing a search for natural or curly hair. Then I get lost in Youtube world for a while, but usually come out with a great video to share.

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