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Do you Curlisto? Sounds inspiring. Maybe I will attempt it this weekend. It's not necessary to use the Curlisto products to achieve good results. Many recommends substituting with your own gels, mousse, and creams. Sounds like a great alternative to the normal setting. Let's see how it works. I want your feedback.

***Update: I tried the Curlisto method tonight. I co-washed and used 100% Aloe Vera gel and Crisco. LOL! I love the results. My curls are formed, no frizz, but a little too much shrinkage. So I just pulled sections of my hair in a downward motion while zapping it with a little heat.

This is a quick alternative to twist sets, etc. If this lasts through tomorrow, I will alternate this style with my updos throughout the summer. Also, I used my diffuser on cool to dry my hair. It took a while but no far.

Wide Tooth Comb
Aloe Vera Gel
Duck Bill Clips (I did not use the clips)

I hate my camera is broken!

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I definitely curlisto and have been to the curlisto salon. They're method really works and usually leaves me with great curls. I think its important to get a good product that will hold your hair, so you can achieve second and third day curls. I use their gel, but I don't think its necessary.

I use this method.

Last summer while I was in NYC, I went to the Curlisto Salon to buy his products and they are wonderful but expensive.

So when I ran out I tried this with Paul Mitchell's products (the conditioner and super sculpt) and it works just the same. Although I don't really need to use as much product as the video shows.

When I don't want to use heat, I "plunk" because otherwise it takes my hair all morning to dry. I just use a t-shirt to plunk and it works just the same as the microfiber towel. I have a lot of hair - think Scary Spice or Rachel True - and I love this method

This looks like fun and is making me want to go natural. Hmmm.

By the way, what are the non-brand products that would work for this hairstyle?

I havent used the method as of yet but it does look interesting!

Ok I need to know where you got the Aloe Vera gel from??! I wanna try this 'Curlisto' method too

Ok my hair is way too thick to try this. Did you see the way she just finger combed her hair with ease? Yeah, that wouldn't happen with me lol. But good luck to all the ladies that this would work for.

Wes said...
"Ok I need to know where you got the Aloe Vera gel from??! I wanna try this 'Curlisto' method too"

I found 100% Aloe Vera Gel (fragrance free, dye free) at CVS for $2.99.
Love it and it did not flake.

Aloe vera is a product for every type of skin . it is a natural food flavoring and gives the result in few weeks. There is no side effects on any type skin aloe vera is a very highly effective in treating like pimples.i was used since last six months and give the results . so i am very happy to use this products. Hmm, vodka + aloe vera...interesting. Straight from the can/bottle, I still like Pokka brand Aloe vera + white grape juice the best. Avoid the + peach juice version though!

I don't know if this method would even work for peple w/ no curl definition in there hair though.

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